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This is not a post with any answers, but more an introspection I would like to share with all of you in case it helps myself and anyone else out-here..

First I would like to ask myself: Is it really "burn out" feeling or boredom?

There is a big difference and It seems like it can be easy to confuse, because boredom of a repetitive or unchallenging job can make you feel like you are extra tired when in fact your brain is simply bored, unexcited and unmotivated.

As I am writing this I am identifying that I don't really feel burned out, like when you have worked your ass off for 16 hrs a day on a project, idea or business for an x amount of time (could be months of years) and you can not see the light at the end of the tunnel, and you feel like your mind, body and spirit can not give anything else; That, is the burn out feeling.

In this case I am simply questioning my present, I am questioning if what I do to make money and support myself is fulfilling me. Yes, I work at a great company, with challenges and areas of improvement but all in all, a great company to work for, and it feels like my career is being developed and in constant growth. But, why have I constantly been looking for more projects, ideas and business to do "on the side"?

Why is my job not enough to make me feel fulfilled and excited? Should I simply change roles within my company? or should I take the risk and launch my own ideas investing my savings and time in something uncertain?

What is the rigth thing to do and when?

Lately I have been questioning myself on what do I want to do for living. I am certain that anything I decide to do has to produce money to support myself and contribute to my family. That is simply how I am the most happy it is my decision as a woman to always be independent and always develop professionally so my partner keeps admiring me through the years as much as I keep admiring him. I actually believe this applies in every way not only in the professional field. One should always continue to learn, to grow, to evolve, to become a better person as time passes by, maybe as a consequence we choose partners with the same development, then it becomes more possible to keep a relationship through the challenges that time brings.

That being said, I am certain that no matter what, what I decide to do for living has to produce some monetary value. But now (I don't know if it is because of my age) I feel like it is not enough to have a job that makes money, I feel that I need to have a job that makes me feel excited, fulfilled and extremely motivated, and most times that all happens when I am new at a company, everything is new, there is so much to learn, and that itself makes me excited and motivated, then when the learning curve is coming down, I feel completely unmotivated and start questioning the impact of my profesional life in the world or my transcendence.

Maybe it is my ADHD, that makes me want to change activities, jobs, even hobbies so much and so fast. But what I know is that I can not spend too much time in the "confort zone" where I know how everything works, I understand every process and the job becomes "easy" and boring. That is my que to RUN.

Now I feel more mature and I don't simply want to run to the next shiny job that encounters me. This time I am taking some time at my current job but analyzing every day what do I want.

  • Do I want to build my own products, business model and mkt strategy to grow them into a business? (with all the learning I have gotten in the past years)

  • Do I want to do my 200hr yoga teacher training and teach in person and online?

  • Do I want to give consulting about ecommerce or digital mkt to big companies that pay really well?

  • Do I want to work as a freelancer in webdevelopment and be able to travel and work from wherever I am?

  • Do I want to move to hawaii and build a coding school for children ?

  • Do I want to stay at the awesome company I work for and simply change roles into a new exciting area?

The reality is that I don't know :( and I really hope to resolve this in the next couple months. But what I can do right now Is to keep questioning myself and let every idea in, not disregarding any idea just because it could sound too crazy or out of place. I will commit with myself to keep my mind open and give space for exploring what is it that I would like to do next.

In the end all we have is our present and we must do what makes us happy while we are responsible with ourselves, our loved ones and people around us.

I hope you are also giving yourself the space and opportunity to explore and understand what is it that you would like to be doing right now.

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  • November, 2017

Here I am again, thinking and getting extremely excited about ANOTHER idea.

This time, is starting a weekly podcast where I can share more about the challenges of women in the workplace, in tech and in general fun facts and jokes about being a woman :D I believe it would be super fun and maybe enlightening to listen to some great talents I know and myself (not such a great talent hehe) talking about challenges and fun jokes we are able to make of our everyday situations. I would like to have a space besides IG stories where I can share openly about female day to day challenges that not many people feel comfortable talking about, but the little I have shared on my stories, I have received great feedback on "how enlightening has been" for some male friends and "how much they relate" for some female friends. So here I am again super excited about this new project, the only problem is that I have found it extremely hard to commit with time and energy to any of my "ideas" or projects.

For example:

  1. The app I wanted to build with so many of you who enlisted on my form at the coding section. It has been extremely tough to find the time to invest in it and commit for as long as that app and project needs.

  2. The youtube video channel I started and today it only has two bad-quality(recorded with my phone) videos, I still feel like I would like to share videos but it is tough to convince people to be infront of a camera and I think you guys would get so bored if it was only me talking every time :D

  3. I have designed a line of T-shirts with super fun phrases and designs of #BetheNerd and "I am a coder and my super power is yoga" or "I am a yogi and my super power is coding" etc, etc. I love the designs I created but still haven't found the time to find a supplier that produces good quality cotton tshirts and also find the platform that allows me to deliver worldwide (I don't want to create goods that are only for "x" country).

  4. Now, the podcast! :D [insert facepalm emoji here]

So all 4 projects are close to my heart and get me super excited but I have a full time job that demands tons of time, focus and creativity so by the end of the day It becomes tough to give my best to any of these projects.

Plus now there is an opportunity of building my own consulting agency for ecomm & mkt :D so that as well will take tons of time, but that is a business or like my job "a responsible way of earning money"

OHH and I should not forget I also have hobbies that change often hehe like;

Yoga, which is not really a hobby but a habit that I need to stay sane hehe but it does require daily time commitment.

Now I am soo excited to re-learn to play the guitar hehe I brought back home my guitar (from my parents house) and already wrote down what are the songs I will be practicing to relearn. So this also will take some time of my week but it is a hobby that helps me relax and release creativity :D

All while keep having time for my friends and family and of course quality time with my love.

So practically, if I wanted to do it ALL I would have to divide myself in 5 different yogi coders haha

So the only answer will be RUTHLESS prioritization, one of my biggest learnings from working at FB.

Will see, I do not have the answer now but will start ruthlessly prioritizing my top 3 activities that I will be able to commit to, while being responsible enough to have a stable income.

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  • August, 2017

I want to share an update on my blog on what my plans are for this community that has been growing daily.

First I want us to have a place where we can share and learn from each other, free, open and respectfully.

Second, I want to learn to collaborate in remote teams to build one same project together! that is why the coding posts on Joining our developer's group is for. I will be publishing product pitches to see who would like to be part of it and build it together (small team of 5 people) owning a big piece of it.

Third, I want to be able to share my experiences with yoga and vegan life, how hard it actually is, what challenges I face and how do I manage them (most times not that good haha) the reasons why I decided to practice yoga and eat vegan and what are the benefits in an honest transparent way.

As an extra I wanted to share my thoughts and recommendations on different subjects like the challenges of women in tech and work/life balance.

Please let me know what you think and any ideas or recommendations on what I should add or remove from this website :) I want to hear you all!

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  • June, 2017

Honestly, it was out of helping a friend who wanted to start her own beauty and fashion blog, I wanted to show her how it could be done by starting an IG account and sharing your REAL self with the world. (since I work at FB I thought I could have a good perspective on how IG works)
After a couple weeks of encouraging talks and guides on how to create her blog, she started the blog and IG account, and my only real advice was: "Just do it! You have tons of knowledge and talent in fashion and beauty (she is literally and expert, she has worked on beauty and fashion for years) so just share your perspective and always be yourself."
The funny part was that she ended up teaching me, she put all her time and effort into her IG account and started building an exponential increasing audience. Now, she has grown to more than 11k followers in less than 4 months. Which is Awesome! And made me so proud! She really took it seriously and made it happen.

Now I decided to have my own blog as a therapy, committing to write once a week and share in a daily basis, two of the things that I feel the most passionate about: learning to code and encouraging women to get interested in tech, and my yoga practicing continuous learning path. So here I am.
The blog took so long because last couple months I have had a huge work load at FB and many work trips so It has been tough to commit to build my website from scratch by myself.

But here I have my first blog post! :D I'm so excited because even when it looks so simple, It took so much effort to make everything work. This is just the first phase, I will add my 2 categories: Yoga & coding and will share in each a weekly yoga flow and advances on my coding projects, hoping this encourages you to start learning and practicing anything you feel passionate about!

  • Dec, 2016