10 free platforms for Learning to code

Are you not ready to commit a monthly fee to pay online coding courses like: treehouse, Lynda, code school, learnable, infinite skills, etc?

These online courses cost from 24 to 29 usd a month. They have learning paths or “tracks” that are easy to follow and tests along the way to check your learning development, but yes, they come with a monthly cost.

Which is not bad, most times if you are paying to learn something it makes you feel more committed to do it often and try to get the most out of it, since it is indeed costing you “real money”.
This psychological behavior applies for everything; learning a new skill, learning a language, practicing a sport or working out from a gym.
If you have payed a membership you will try your best to get the most out if it, wouldn’t you?
So because of this, and the level of support they give I strongly recommend to commit to one of this payed courses.

BUT… If as I mentioned before; you are not ready to put down 25usd a month to learn coding, and you really want to learn, there is no excuse; here I will share 10 different FREE platforms where you can start learning today.

Please go ahead and try whatever makes you feel more comfortable! they are all great and most importantly FREE!!:D and dont forget to let me know what did you think of them!


2 thoughts on “10 free platforms for Learning to code

  1. From the fee base platforms, which one would you recommend to someone that needs to learn Python??? I could really use you help. Trying to get off of disability and I really need to develop a new skill.

    Thank you so much. Great info on your site



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