One challenge at a time

life challenges

Do you remember when you were at school and the first day of classes the teacher would share ALL the projects, deliveries and exams for the semester or year? even with the detail of how much weight each thing would have on your grade. Do you remember the amount of pressure you felt at that moment? IN-SANE ! (at least for me 🙂 )
Then you would go through the year and it would all come out well and even better than expected.
This is how adult life is for me now;
I see all the challenges of: maybe starting on a new job, changing living location or country, changing company or changing career direction as a huge amount of challenges one after the other one. And I don’t even want to begin mentioning the stress that can go into moving on from a love relationship, or facing a health challenge, a family issue or any personal challenges life brings all along the way.

Then, when you are in a peaceful place/moment in your life you can stop, breathe and realize how you are just fine, and even thriving!! You can look back and realize how many tough challenges you have faced and gone through them all with success, pain, tons of learnings and rewards!

Now that Im back to my yoga practice, I realize that I am capable of so much more than I think, if I manage to focus on the present and on conquering ONE CHALLENGE AT THE TIME, with no trials of “multi-tasking” or actually “multi-worrying”.

The same applies to coding, you can get stressed and overwhelmed when you notice how much work and fixes you will need to work on to make your program work the way you need it to work, then all the extra time that you will take fixing new bugs that appear every time you make a change or try to “fix” something.
It is extremely overwhelming and stressful (at least for me learning). But if you focus only in one challenge at the time, after a while you notice how much you could get done, advance and built in the end.

As one friend told me once and I keep repeating to myself: “People overestimate what they can do in a DAY but they always UNDERestimate what they can do in a YEAR”

If you manage to take one challenge at the time after a year when you look back you will notice how MUCH you were able to go through and do successfully!

Let me know what have been your experiences with this, it always inspire me to learn from you.

Thank you!! 😀



One thought on “One challenge at a time

  1. Muy buena reflexión, ahora mismo me encuentro en un momento de mi vida, en que siento que todas las cosas se me vienen encima, solo falta 1 mes para acabar el semestre, llevo materias de especialidad, la mayoría con proyectos y fuera de mi vida de estudiante siento que debo hacer otras cosas, pero no se cómo empezar.
    Todos los días despierto y pienso en todo lo que debo hacer, lo que debo entregar y lo que debo cumplir, NO SE POR DÓNDE EMPEZAR! y es estresante. Al final pierdo mucho tiempo pensando en que hacer primero y cuando me doy cuenta ya se me fue medio día, hago pocas cosas (mal hechas, por las prisas) y cuando voy a dormir me prometo a mi mismo que mañana lo haré… Todo para que al día siguiente sea igual.
    Pero me ayudo tu post para saber que no soy el único y para darme la motivación de comenzar a cumplir mis metas como de debe! 😀

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