My own “Behind the scenes” XD

selfie how I take photos

selfie how I take photos

People often write me asking this, and I want to share openly what happens in every detail at least in my case:

First, It has to be clearly stated that this is not my job, I do this (blogging & social media) 100% for fun.
Now, since this is not my job, there is no paycheck coming from the content I create so I wouldn’t recommend my “behind the scenes” strategy to anyone who is looking to do this as an actual job.

So here we go;

Blog facts:

The blog started as a way to write constantly.
It has been found that writing is one of the best “brain workouts”, it keeps your mind healthy and creative. So here I am trying to write often and sharing it with who ever would like to read it 🙂

I write about things I find interesting and enjoy sharing about: coding, yoga, digital marketing, etc.

The blog is every platform where I get to share in different ways: the website, IG, the podcast, twitter, or FB. I share in all platforms in different ways, to stay on top of social media strategies and learnings while practicing with my own “blog”.

Photographs facts:

I use my phone camera (not high quality photos) for me is not about the picture but about sharing a moment or a specific content.

I NEVER NEVER ask my husband to take pictures of me, I am too shy for that, & I would be soo uncomfortable asking him to take a photo of me so often, so 99% of the photos you see are taken by self timer, with the phone on a weird position somewhere around or in a shoe and also plenty of selfie (with my own arm) photos. The other 1% are some photos where my husband enters a the room and Im doing something funny so he takes a photo, this happens often; he enters home or a room with his phone camera on to capture “my weirdness” infraganti.

Stories are much more natural than you think, I don’t think to much around them, stories actually take only 10 to 15 seconds at the time, so even when there might be a day when you see I have shared 15 stories if you make the math 15 stories of 10 secs in average only takes around 2.5mins!!! so the key for stories is being spontaneous.

Ads facts:

There have been some ads or collaborations in my IG, but only when it is relevant to me and it is something I have actually used and recommend. As I mentioned before this is not where my income comes from, I always have a full time job even if it is not in an office, I am working on my own consulting company. And that is how I pay the bills.  So if you see ads, just give some ❤ because it is something I actually recommend.

Hope this one answer most of the “behind the scenes” questions! 😀
Alex – The yogi coder.

23 thoughts on “My own “Behind the scenes” XD

  1. Thanks for the look inside your process. You are one of the content creators I can relate to the most. My social media and blog are a side project on top of my regular 9-5 software job and I like to see that it’s possible to successfully do both without having to be overly concerned with finding sponsors or advertising all the time. I love following you, I don’t have a lot of people in real life who I can relate to as well.

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    1. Oh! you are so Kind!!! I love to read you can actually relate!! yes! I have a “normal” 9-5 job but because I really enjoy it! and my blog has been at first an experiment and then it turned into a fun creativity outlet that I enjoy and keeps me learning in different areas. Also a great way to connect with people likeminded! 😀 thank you for following! ❤


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