Books I read 2018 + books I want to read in 2019

Before diving in, I would like you to know that it is not about how many books you read in a year, it is more about how much can you learn from books (and everything else) that year.
Knowledge doesn’t come from only reading, you need to read, digest and analyze the information you are absorbing, maybe with someone else or maybe with yourself, but there needs to be a process of understanding, & challenging the ideas, and turning it all into a real learning. Best case scenario you can even adapt some of what you learned to your life.

So please remember that it is not a race to “who is able to read the most amount of books”. If that is your goal; just make sure you only choose <100 pages books πŸ˜‰ that way you will “win” that race.
But if you are interested in growing your perspectives, understand more & keep developing yourself, then don’t pay attention to the amount of books but to the amount of learning, change and growth, each book brings you.
If you only read 1 book this year and it opened your mind to something new, or made you develop something new, then count it as a great success.

Now, since last year I tried my “how to read 1 book a week” method and successfully did it for 3 months, I ended up reading quite a lot.
<Go to this link if you want to read how to read one book per week. >
Usually I read around 10-12 books a year, and I usually end up “opening” around 25 books but only finishing 10-12. It is fun to have a list of the books you want to read during the year but it is more fun to let yourself loose and seek for recommendations with friends and people you respect, when you meet up with them or have an interest discussion around a subject and suddenly they bring up a very interesting book they have read on the matter. So you connect and grow and naturally become interested in a new book, rather than following a list just because someone on the internet recommended it, so finally;

Here are the books I managed to read during 2018:

  1. Freakonomics
  2. Big Magic
  3. Tribe of mentors
  4. Born to run
  5. Give and take
  6. When
  7. Superhuman by habit
  8. Collective genius
  9. Elon Musk
  10. Born a Crime
  11. Grain Brain
  12. How to win friends and influence people
  13. Essentialism
  14. Open Andre Agassi
  15. Steal like an artist
  16. Show your work
  17. The regenerative business

And the books I want to read in 2019:

  1. Freefall (Finish it)
  2. Sapiens
  3. Factfulness
  4. HomoDeus
  5. 21 lessons for the 21st century
  6. Becoming: Michelle Obama
  7. Stubborn Attachments
  8. High growth handbook
  9. Life 3.0
  10. The book of why
  11. Principles Ray Dalio
  12. Inspired: how to create tech products customers love
  13. The power of Now
  14. ..
  15. ..

Books I left half way..

Im sure there are more that I left half way but I can’t remember them πŸ™‚ anyways, I hope you find them interesting!

Let me know any books recommendations you have for me and what your book wishes are for 2019 .. πŸ˜€

Big Hug!! πŸ™‚

p.s. Any support is very very very appreciated! Thank you so much !


One thought on “Books I read 2018 + books I want to read in 2019

  1. Great post. I just wrote a post as well with the books that I want to read this year, inspired by your post. Thanks for the push. Happy Reading to us both this year. Let’s slay!


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