3 reasons why this is My favorite coding learning platform

Tons of you have asked me this question and I know I have tried to stay objective and if you look back to earlier blog posts I am recommending several platforms where you can learn for free, mostly because I don’t want anyone with the excuse of “I can’t afford it” to avoid learning to code !

But I also have accepted that paying for a learning platform represents a stronger commitment towards learning as much as you can as fast as you can. Since you pay per month, if you are like me you will be trying to get the most out of that monthly investment, therefore you end up learning or at least taking the courses faster than if you are not paying or have any real deadline chasing you.

So here it is (drumroll…) my favorite platform to learn programming is:

Team Treehouse

and I have to say this is #NOTanAd , it is honestly my favorite for these 3 reasons:

  1. The freaking awesome tracks: depending on what you are learning and the experience level you have, they have built learning tracks that take you literally by the hand, step by step until you finish the course. The tracks not only help you “stay on track” because they are designed so smartly for you to never get lost or miss any important knowledge or practice throughout your learning process but also help you track your progress by showing you how much time you need for each class and exercise but how many tracks are left, so you feel the progress since day 1 , which is so important when learning something from scratch. 
  2. You get to learn by doing !!! It is not like going to a lecture and listen to a person speaking for hours so you have to take notes, it is a profesor explaining every step of the way while you together with him are coding step by step. During the tracks you not only have small “tests” to check what you have learned so far, but through the whole course track you are building something together with the teacher. So you get to build a finished product! there is nothing more satisfying than that for us students! 
  3. The lovely PAUSE option! Though I don’t encourage you to ever use it, it is the only platform where I feel they really care for me learning and not wasting my money! It has an option for you to pause your month of learning so what you payed doesn’t get wasted during those weeks where you didn’t have any time to learn because of a personal unexpected situation that popped up. 

I have to add an extra one: which is the new Techdegree !! which literally helps you “become a developer without a student debt” .
Their true belief that you don’t need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to get the best quality education with a degree that will land you a high payed job is what I love the most. 

Look at Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, Bill Gates and all the super millionaires who developed products and companies worth billions and didn’t have a college degree.. 

So if you are one of the thousands that have reach out to me asking “where do I start?” , “Which books should I read to learn?” , “How do I learn to code..” etc etc.. here is my recommendation: subscribe to treehouse or any other one you like and start learning! Just do it

Let me know if you did it! I get so excited and inspired by you guys! 
Here is the link and you get 14 days of free trial! Click Here
See you around! πŸ™‚



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