WHY and HOW to Build your Brand online

If you are here means you have been questioning yourself on how relevant it might be for you to build your brand, and how on earth can you start without it taking all of your productive time.

First I want to share how building my brand has opened doors to me:

  1. I stopped being ” Alex from Facebook ” or “Alex from (..insert company I work for here..”). Went from being someone who depended on her job at the big company to be recognised to start being Alex the yogi coder, the entrepreneur, the marketing expert, the motivational speaker, the business owner, you name it… whatever I wanted to focus on. I was able to shape my brand the way I wanted and evolve it as I evolved my business and my skills.
  2. Yes yes I became an influencer, The opportunity of growing my audience in different platforms gave me a voice that many big brand wanted to have so yes I got to make money out of choosing the brands I was willing to partner up to sponsor on my audience.
  3. Public speaker; I have been invited in so many good events and congress around women in tech, healthy living, career development, engineering, gender equality. It has been a great experience and very rewarding now only by money but by the satisfaction of meeting people in person and transmitting my experience face to face.
  4. When I built my consulting company, I was able to prove that I know about marketing, digital media platforms, and market behaviours because I had proven I was able to build a brand from SCRATCH.
  5. It opened so many business opportunities, that I am still exploring on how to scale my in-person consulting and workshops into digital resources to reach more people in my audience.
  6. It maintains me updated, the fact that I have my own brand across multiple platforms forces me to stay updated in the latest algorithm changes in each platform, strategies and even in new media platform options out there so when Im giving consulting my clients or teaching a course I know what Im talking about..

Well all these might only seem relevant for someone who is in marketing or digital media right? Well.. NOUP, building their brand on the right platforms has helped politicians connect with their voters, investors build their reputation, Software developers connect with the best business people to launch and monetise their tech ideas, get investment, PR, employees have been able to get an extra income source or become independent, other employees have used this to be able to grow in their company or grow by finding a better job somewhere else. So get over the idea that it is all about “becoming an influencer” or building a brand on “social media” .

I will show you how and where you should build your brand according to your own needs. Not everyone has to be on IG…

And remember we have been doing this “building our brand” thing since forever, before internet came along we would build our brand by giving a great service at our business, by meeting and connecting with people creating our “reputation” everywhere we went, with our business cards, social events, etc. Now it just became easier to reach more people with your “personal brand” or “corporate brand”.

So if you are ready to get my first simple tips on how to begin register here:

I will send you the link and we can talk about your specific brand .

And make sure you share this with the people you think might need it most!

Talk to you soon! πŸ˜‰

Alex – The yogi coder


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