3 keys factors to achieve success

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Make sure you listen to the episode is quick (less than 15mins) but explains in detail why these 3 things are key factors to achieve success.

  1. Ruthless prioritization: I like to list this one first and foremost (even when it is related to #2) because it is sooo clear to understand those two words together: ruthless prioritization means that it will and it most hurt to prioritize one thing over the rest, that is why it is “ruthless”.
    It is not that is clear you will only benefit from doing A or B , it is that even when you know you most likely will benefit from doing A & B & C … & Z++ you will let them all go and prioritize just 1.
  2. Focus: I would like to refer to 2 guys that agree with me: Warren Buffet & Bill Gates. In the Netflix documentary on WBuffet, both men where were asked: What is the key factor to achieve success? and without hesitating both answered: FOCUS.
  3. Commitment / consistency : Not much success comes fast, all those online course sellers that tell you: “… fast, easy and cheap” are simply lying . It might be easy but the reason why not “everyone is doing it and succeeding” is because it requires commitment and consistency.

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