“The yogi coder” has left

Is time for my “alter ego” to leave the building.
When I started this blog it was intended to be an experiment to build a brand in a niche where I was learning both: Yoga and Coding.
I tried to keep it as a separate character, tried to hide it from co-workers, friends and family until I had no choice but to embrace it when they found me online πŸ˜…
My full name, location and so on many other personal data points were not disclosed in an attempt to keep it as a separate, safe character.
But this blog stopped being a brand long ago to become a space for me to connect, express & create. And the “me” in the equation was not well defined by only “yogi & coder”:
I’m a woman, sister, daughter, friend, mother, wife, marketer, entrepreneur, employee, yogi & much more.
Like any other normal adult, Im interested in so many things that it would be impossible to put it all in a social media handle: @LifeMeditationLoveEntrepreneurshipMotherhoodPsychologyBusinessYogaFitnessPartnershipTechnologyMarketingGrowthCareerdevelopmentCoachingBooksBrandingPerformanceResearchFinancesFeminismFreedomEqualityHealthVeganismGeneticsTravel..
you get it .. it would be a joke of a handle.. πŸ˜‚

So its time for “the yogi coder” to leave and for me to use this space as I please for creativity and to connect and learn from more humans around the world.

Hi, my name is Alejandra but everyone knows me as Ale Arce (or Ale Maple; same tree 🌳🍁 different language 😜) you can learn more about my professional career here on my linkedin and from now on this is my space to express and connect with so many talented people like yourself reading this post.

Thank you!!

Ale Arce


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