Why Parenthood = 4 full time jobs

Let’s do the math:

1 full Time job = 8 hrs per day , 5 days a week = 40 hrs per week.
Parenting is 24/7 = 24 hrs per day, 7 days a week = 168 hrs per week.
168/40= 4.2 full time jobs
Working parent = 208 hrs per week*

Hrs per daydays per weektotal hours per week
1 Full time job8540
Working parent24 + 87 + 5208 *
(I know there is not 208 hrs in a week but that is the equivalent in expectations)

So actually it is 4.2 full time jobs and this is for the parents who are just parenting. So, if you are a parent with a full time job, you are actually expected to deliver what 5.2 full time employees should deliver. (208/40= 5.2)
And I know, some will say: “but you do get some sleep, children go to school, you can hire help, etc etc..”
First I have to address the hiring help part: when professionals grow their teams and they delegate to their team members it doesn’t mean they are not working right? The same with parents hiring help, nannies, even schools, all those things they have to manage, delegate and follow up, hence the project management job. (all parents having 100 chats with other parents from your child’s school know what I’m talking about)
Second, I never said you are expected to do 5.2 full time jobs of the same kind of job, it gets more challenging you are actually expected to do your profesional career expertise AND a range of several others like: physician, psychologist, coach, nutritionist, project manager, teacher, night vigilant, .. etc. (yes the night shift is a full time job for a night vigilant who might fall asleep here and there but if anything happens he/she has to respond and be ready to problem solve)

And you are expected to do all that work (equivalent to 5.2 full time jobs) in less time, basically because *the week only has 168 hrs in time and you are expected to deliver what 208 hrs can produce. This is why 2 parents are needed to participate equally in this crazyness so those 168 extra hrs per week are divided in two(but that’s a whole separate conversation on equality that requires an other post).

So all I’m saying is WOW! I admire and respect all parents who have survived and even thrived!
I have developed a whole new level of admiration and respect for all of you.
Thank you for contributing to society x 5.2 !
I hope I get to learn from all of you, manage to survive & hopefully thrive as well. Thank you for being an example to me, and for showing how humans can do much more than what we imagine possible.
To all responsable parents around the world : THANK YOU!

I don’t have to prove this to people who already have children but to all who doesn’t have children and are still not convinced all I can say; please have a child, do it all on your own, stay sane, and prove me wrong please!! XD
I dare to say this because I was one of you, I thought would be able to do it all with no help & no struggle… haha yes I was that naive. XD

Ale Arce.


One thought on “Why Parenthood = 4 full time jobs

  1. Wow I’ve never seen it that way. Excellent reflexion and thanks for sharing and making public this important topic. I just wonder if that so much work has an impact in parents and children mental/ physical/spiritual health. I totally agree on understanding and admiring parents specially moms but I dream in a world that rethinks systems, rethinks success definition , rethinks roles and stop the glorification of busy 🙂 .


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