Who is The Yogi coder?

Hi, I am Alex, “The yogi coder” and through this blog I’m trying to inspire others to stay updated in tech and stay healthy by sharing my learnings in tech, professional development, marketing, wellness, and yoga practice with everyone.

Living with freedom is what drives and inspires me to share.

I would love for every person that reads me to learn how they can live the life they want. By understanding what are their personal true choices are and how they can build their lives based on those choices in a responsible, sustainable, and achievable way.

One of my favorite quotes is: “Don’t settle…” by Steve Jobs on that famous commencement speech.

Nothing will come easy or fast, success requires hard work, commitment, & continuous learning. And this is what I try to transmit through my social media channels.

Many of you ask about my professional experience due to the “coder” part in my nickname. But no, I am not a professional software developer. I learnt to code on my own and for fun, I have built some tiny apps and websites, but mostly learnt to be able to stay updated & manage projects with a bit more knowledge. That’s when I started this blog, to share my learning path. 

My career has developed in Marketing and business growth.

For the curious ones my CV goes like this:

Chief Marketing Officer at Kron.no a Fintech company in Norway.
Managing Director of my own consulting firm (still live).
Chief Marketing Officer at GBM a Fintech in Mexico.
Strategic Partnerships Manager at Facebook inc.
Regional Product Marketing Manager at Facebook inc.
Chief Marketing Officer at Petsy an eCommerce company.
Head of Digital marketing and online growth at Linio Latam.
Process engineer at Sensata Technologies (Texas Instruments).
Industrial Engineering Masters with a major in Statistics.
Masters in corporate finance (dropped out).

Also, I am originally from Mexico!! Deep in love with my culture and traditions. (puedes sacar a la niña de México pero nunca sacaras a México de la niña). 

The blog and social media platforms were built in English due to the audience which is 90%+ English speaking.

Passionate about education and business growth I keep learning everything I can, with the intensity of a Latin woman I am sharing it all through this blog and my social media platforms.

You can find my day to day journey on :

a. IG @TheYogiCoder

b. FB FB / TheYogiCoder

c. Podcast Intimate Business