Who is The Yogi coder?

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The yogi coder is a woman trying to inspire others to stay updated in tech, learn to code on their own time no matter what their context is and stay healthy by sharing her yoga practice benefits with everyone.

She studied Industrial engineering , worked as a process engineer for two years, then started her masters in corporate finance but she dropped out, while she was working with startups she worked and developed on digital marketing and ecommerce strategies, worked in one of the biggest e-commerce companies in Latinamerica. Then she lead a new team on a smaller startup as the CMO.
After that, launched her own app (and also killed it 😦  hehe ) while doing consulting on digital growth for several startups, then she joined Facebook as a product marketing manager, and after 2.5 years still in FB she changed to another role as a strategic partnerships manager and after 3 years she decided to quit FB to move into an other professional challenge.
Currently she is the CMO of an amazing FinTech company, investing her time in building and growing great teams and products she is deeply excited about.

She is from Mexico!! and loves her country and culture and of course speaks perfect spanish but the blog and social media platforms where built in english due to the audience which was 70% american, 15% British, 14% Indian, 1% of others. But soon she will try to build the podcast and blog posts in english and spanish.

Passionate about education and business growth she keeps learning everything she can, with the intensity of a latin woman she is sharing it all through this blog and her social media platforms.

You can find her day to day journey on :
a. Her IG @TheYogiCoder
b. Her FB FB / TheYogiCoder
c. and her weekly podcast on itunes, google or Anchor.fm search for The Yogi Coder 😉