What are your non-negotiables?

Simply put: What are the things that allow you to do your best work? Those things that make you the happiest at work, the most productive, creative, focused, and high performance. Those are the things that should be your non-negotiables when thinking about a job. It is hard to have them crystal clear, since theyContinue reading “What are your non-negotiables?”

First, assume positive intent.

I hope these lines give some perspective on what people in different contexts have been going through during these challenging times. Being a new mom, during a pandemic, in a foreign country, without my family or a support system to rely on, motherhood & maternity leave has been harder than I could have ever imagined.Continue reading “First, assume positive intent.”

360 reviews guide & 3-2 rule on feedback.

Let’s first review the 3 cardinal rules on feedback: Be prepared with clear examples. To avoid feedback on becoming impact-less compliments or complaints, you must bring examples where that person behaved the way you are mentioning. For example, don’t just say: “you are very assertive” but mention the meeting/email/moment that made you perceive that personContinue reading “360 reviews guide & 3-2 rule on feedback.”

Linear vs Exponential growth

Most people will immediately think exponential growth is what all companies should be looking for, but in order to achieve real exponential growth companies need to achieve consistent, long term linear growth first, then the compilation of both will look exponential after some time (yellow line). The difference between exponential or linear growth in aContinue reading “Linear vs Exponential growth”

Coffee talk with Morgan Ringrose

Talking with talented people who are doing what they love for living is what these series of interviews will be all about. We can all learn from their professional and personal paths. This time we got to talk to Morgan, lets dive in: Morgan Ringrose, self taught web designer and developer working exclusively with Squarespace.Continue reading “Coffee talk with Morgan Ringrose”

3 keys factors to achieve success

…Are you a talented programmer or marketer? Make sure you share your core here: https://www.mycore.dev/my-developer-coreconnect & get featured in our media. Make sure you listen to the episode is quick (less than 15mins) but explains in detail why these 3 things are key factors to achieve success. Ruthless prioritization: I like to list this oneContinue reading “3 keys factors to achieve success”

Hustle culture & work-life balance

Is passion defined by the amount of hrs invested at work? 🤔Do you need to invest 24/7 of your time in something to be able to succeed?Does work/life balance exist? Join the best devs at: https://www.mycore.dev/my-developer-core https://www.mycore.dev/ Indiehackers mentioned podcast episode:  https://www.indiehackers.com/podcast/167-dhh-and-natalie-nagele-on-work-life-balance How to connect with me through The yogi coder: IG: https://www.instagram.com/theyogicoder/Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCagmygt3g7nh94ZqfHNxsAFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/theyogicoder

3 reasons why learning to code can change your life

Reason #1: You learn something that will be essential in the future. Coding or software programming will be needed in every single field, why? just because it is the most efficient way to solve problems in every single field of science and knowledge. Just like it happened with math and statistics where after so manyContinue reading “3 reasons why learning to code can change your life”

Launch your podcast for free in 3 steps

Launching a podcast is one great way to put your creativity out and build your brand without having to use your face (which is what a lot of people are afraid of doing) . This is one of the many formats you can find that might be the most comfortable for you to create contentContinue reading “Launch your podcast for free in 3 steps”

Will parenthood affect your career growth?

I’m answering a great question from some of you with my own perspective on the matter so far as a pregnant professionally ambitious woman. I receive a message from an great woman I know through IG asking what were my thoughts on this subject since I am pregnant and working in tech. She started byContinue reading “Will parenthood affect your career growth?”

#BLM 2020 4 Imperfect learnings and take aways.

Disclaimer: I’m not an educator, not an expert, I’m not perfect.So with that disclaimer here are some lines with my perspective: 1. Humanity is actually not doomed, but it is improving and moving forward.You are 100% percent right, 1 single case is 1 case too many and we shouldn’t stop addressing this situation until thereContinue reading “#BLM 2020 4 Imperfect learnings and take aways.”

F.I.R.E movement explained

For those of you who still haven’t heard about F.I.R.E movement: it’s letters stand for :F: FinancialI: IndependenceR: RetireE: EarlyPretty self explanatory this is a movement where young adults (specially millennials) are looking for a way of achieving financial independence earlier than what traditionally we have been taught by society. Instead of waiting until youContinue reading “F.I.R.E movement explained”

10 Tips to stay sane During Corona (COVID-19) quarantine

If you are able to work from home and have no children, then it is not so difficult & here are 10 quick tips on staying sane during your quarantine:(If you have children, these 10 also apply but I will add some tips from my parent friends at the end 😉 ) : Keep yourContinue reading “10 Tips to stay sane During Corona (COVID-19) quarantine”

Lost motivation? 3 tips to recover it ;)

We have all been there, moments when we feel completely uninterested and even bored by what we are doing. Everyone goes through that, like Steve Jobs used to use analogies comparing love life with work life:“…As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it..” -SJobs This also applies for motivation, youContinue reading “Lost motivation? 3 tips to recover it ;)”

Why you might need a break from social media (& 4 tips how to make the best out of it)

Like most relationships, you will have ups and downs with your social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, tiktok, snapchat, twitter..), whether it is just your personal social media platforms or you have a brand to maintain sometimes it gets rough out there. Not only because strangers behind a keyboard can be destructive, and influencers or evenContinue reading “Why you might need a break from social media (& 4 tips how to make the best out of it)”

WHY and HOW to Build your Brand online

If you are here means you have been questioning yourself on how relevant it might be for you to build your brand, and how on earth can you start without it taking all of your productive time. First I want to share how building my brand has opened doors to me: I stopped being ”Continue reading “WHY and HOW to Build your Brand online”

3 reasons why this is My favorite coding learning platform

Tons of you have asked me this question and I know I have tried to stay objective and if you look back to earlier blog posts I am recommending several platforms where you can learn for free, mostly because I don’t want anyone with the excuse of “I can’t afford it” to avoid learning toContinue reading “3 reasons why this is My favorite coding learning platform”

When life hits you hard & the most amazing human instincts kick in

Disclaimer: I am not a psychologist, or doctor in any way, I am just sharing my perspective. If you are going through a tough moment in life, my #1 recommendation is seek out for a specialist help, it will always be the best investment of your life. If you are an adult, most likely youContinue reading “When life hits you hard & the most amazing human instincts kick in”

Dropshipping ecommerce – what, how, why? fraud?

I guess you have heard about dropshipping or even about dropsurfing and how easy it is to open your own ecommerce business from your laptop without having to invest in an inventory of products, ops, technology, warehouse or anything really, just by creating a beautiful Shoppify front store, connecting it to Oberloo or any otherContinue reading “Dropshipping ecommerce – what, how, why? fraud?”

Impostor syndrome; only the best experience it

Do you prefer listening than reading? Listen to a deeper conversation on the podcast! Lets allow wikipedia to clearly explain what impostor syndrome is for all of you guys who asked me on Instagram: is a psychological pattern in which an individual doubts their accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a “fraud”.Continue reading “Impostor syndrome; only the best experience it”

Working remotely 5 PROs & CONs + my tips

How often have you seen a picture about working remotely; where the authors are hanging by a beautiful beach with their computer and sometimes a margarita by their side? This is how “working remotely” is portrayed by social media and some entrepreneurs, and though it can sometimes be that beautiful and relaxing (like my photo)Continue reading “Working remotely 5 PROs & CONs + my tips”

Books I read 2018 + books I want to read in 2019

Before diving in, I would like you to know that it is not about how many books you read in a year, it is more about how much can you learn from books (and everything else) that year.Knowledge doesn’t come from only reading, you need to read, digest and analyze the information you are absorbing,Continue reading “Books I read 2018 + books I want to read in 2019”

How to achieve ALL your resolutions

There is a big chance that this time of the year, like every year you are thinking about 2019 in a hopeful exciting way. A new year means a new start and in our minds it means a new opportunity to do and become all the things we have been wanting to do and becomeContinue reading “How to achieve ALL your resolutions”

Why I left Instagram…

Its been a good run, and I have enjoyed every step of the way of creating a brand on Instagram around 2 things I wanted to practice and share my learning path about: Yoga & Coding. It organically grew mostly on 1 specific social media platform: Instagram, and though at the beginning I enjoyed sharingContinue reading “Why I left Instagram…”

What does Success mean?

It might sound like an easy and simple question with a clear answer, but it is actually not so simple. Every time I ask this question, I get so many different answers, sometimes even from the same person. The reality is that the meaning of success for each of us is always changing, as weContinue reading “What does Success mean?”

4 points on Entrepreneur Life vs Employee life

It is not all about freedom, being your “own boss”, nice home office, smiles, and happiness. It is also about fear, stress, & anxiety. After sharing about my decision to work on my own business and the responses I got from most of you (80%+) who also would like to build their own business, IContinue reading “4 points on Entrepreneur Life vs Employee life”

The fake joy of weekends

We all enjoy weekends, specially Sundays, we all feel so happy and share our #weekendvibes #sundayfunday #chill #personaltime #selfcare , etc, etc. hashtags on weekends, because we find it sooo incredible to actually have a free day to do all personal activities we enjoy the most (including simply resting!). It is outrageous to me thatContinue reading “The fake joy of weekends”

What sickness taught me this time

Its not all about fun, smiles, inspiration and excitement! It’s about real life as a real human, where people get sick, tired, sad, broken, and are not productive or inspiring at all, but the complete opposite. Still, I find it important to share, we all have days when we feel like crap, physically or emotionally.Continue reading “What sickness taught me this time”

Why is it better to build 8 profitable companies rather than 1 unicorn

By guest Moises Hamui: Nowdays the dream of building a huge profitable company that might potentially make you a millionaire is really difficult; you have to find a problem for a big enough market, come up with an amazing idea to solve that problem, prove that people will be willing to pay for it, get funding,Continue reading “Why is it better to build 8 profitable companies rather than 1 unicorn”

5 steps to Financial freedom

Coming soon! The complete financial freedom online workshop!Where I hand in hand will help guide you to create a growth snowball for your financial stability! I will notify you as soon as the online workshop is live!  In the mean time you can read the blog post: Financial freedom is not about how much moneyContinue reading “5 steps to Financial freedom”


INTIMATE BUSINESS with the yogi coder We are getting Intimate about Business and profesional growth! Join me on this podcast to learn about the real “behind the scenes” of building a successful profesional career or your own successful business. It may not be easy but it is REAL. Find it on itunes –> The YogiContinue reading “PODCAST!!”

How to read 52 books per year

It all started when I read a medium blog post that said: “if you spent reading the same time you spend on internet you would be able to read 400 books a year”. Wait what? that is more than one book per day!! how on earth am I spending so many hours on internet! …Continue reading “How to read 52 books per year”

One challenge at a time

Do you remember when you were at school and the first day of classes the teacher would share ALL the projects, deliveries and exams for the semester or year? even with the detail of how much weight each thing would have on your grade. Do you remember the amount of pressure you felt at thatContinue reading “One challenge at a time”

The unspoken weeks of pregnancy and loss :'(

So I guess I have to start with the news that my husband and I got pregnant on the first try after deciding to “relax and let things happen in its own time” hehe . We were extremely nervous but excited that it happened so fast, every day/ week that passed by we got moreContinue reading “The unspoken weeks of pregnancy and loss :'(“


This is not a post with any answers, but more an introspection I would like to share with all of you in case it helps myself and anyone else out-here.. First I would like to ask myself: Is it really “burn out” feeling or boredom? There is a big difference and It seems like itContinue reading “BURN OUT OR BOREDOM?”


Here I am again, thinking and getting extremely excited about ANOTHER idea. This time, is starting a weekly podcast where I can share more about the challenges of women in the workplace, in tech and in general fun facts and jokes about being a woman 😀 I believe it would be super fun and maybeContinue reading “PROCRASTINATING YOUR “SIDE” PROJECTS”


I have shared why I became vegan, but now I will share what does flexitarian mean and how (I currently believe) it has more scalability in population adoption than veganism! We have defined how much livestock/meat production pollutes the world more than any other human activity, how the way we currently produce animal products isContinue reading “WHAT DOES FLEXITARIAN MEAN?”


Veganism had been a huge taboo subject for me until a couple months ago… This is what happened: My boyfriend and I were scrolling down documentaries in Netflix, when we came across “Cowspiracy”, I stopped at that documentary because I had heard a lot of good reviews so we watched… And it was completely shocking,Continue reading “WHY I BECAME VEGAN – FLEXITARIAN – Plant Based”

On Meditation…

When I started practicing yoga I started to learn everything about BREATHING, it was amazing to realize how little I knew about breathing; how we can control our heart rate, our anxiety level, our blood pressure, our glands hormone production, adrenaline production and much more! I was shocked to see how I didn’t know howContinue reading “On Meditation…”

10 free platforms for Learning to code

Are you not ready to commit a monthly fee to pay online coding courses like: treehouse, Lynda, code school, learnable, infinite skills, etc? These online courses cost from 24 to 29 usd a month. They have learning paths or “tracks” that are easy to follow and tests along the way to check your learning development,Continue reading “10 free platforms for Learning to code”

How I started practicing yoga

First I would have to start by explaining to you that I have always been perceived as a “hyperactive” person. In school, work and at home that was always the adjective for me: “Hyper”, “fast”, “intense”, and honestly not in a good way. I have always been extremely active and fast in my thoughts andContinue reading “How I started practicing yoga”

5 TIPS on learning to code:

1. Discover your why? your real motivation: What would you like to build? Do you want to learn simply to get a better job? Your reason goes here… Any reason is 100% fair, just define it so you are aware of why are you investing time and money in this new skill you want to learn. 2.Continue reading “5 TIPS on learning to code:”


Honestly, it was out of helping a friend who wanted to start her own beauty and fashion blog, I wanted to show her how it could be done by starting an IG account and sharing your REAL self with the world. (since I work at FB I thought I could have a good perspective onContinue reading “WHY I STARTED TYC”