I’m sure almost all yogis at Instagram have seen the hashtag and recommendation around the yoga community, but what does it really mean?

As Rachel Brathen has explained in her podcast, yoga every damn day means to literally simply ROLL OUT your MAT every day. Roll out your mat to practice yoga in any way possible; asanas, pranayama, meditation, savasana.. any area of yoga you can practice! The recommendation is to do some kind of yoga every single day.


Because it will help you balance your energy, mind and body. It will become a habit, and it wont be difficult to “get on your mat” every day after a couple of months. It will improve your mood, your body alignment, your mental health, spiritual and physical health in every way.

Commit rolling out your mat every day at your preferred time of the day and let me know how it goes after having done it for 30 days you will see how your body will ask you for it every single day!