360 reviews guide & 3-2 rule on feedback.

Let’s first review the 3 cardinal rules on feedback: Be prepared with clear examples. To avoid feedback on becoming impact-less compliments or complaints, you must bring examples where that person behaved the way you are mentioning. For example, don’t just say: “you are very assertive” but mention the meeting/email/moment that made you perceive that personContinue reading “360 reviews guide & 3-2 rule on feedback.”

Linear vs Exponential growth

Most people will immediately think exponential growth is what all companies should be looking for, but in order to achieve real exponential growth companies need to achieve consistent, long term linear growth first, then the compilation of both will look exponential after some time (yellow line). The difference between exponential or linear growth in aContinue reading “Linear vs Exponential growth”

3 keys factors to achieve success

…Are you a talented programmer or marketer? Make sure you share your core here: https://www.mycore.dev/my-developer-coreconnect & get featured in our media. Make sure you listen to the episode is quick (less than 15mins) but explains in detail why these 3 things are key factors to achieve success. Ruthless prioritization: I like to list this oneContinue reading “3 keys factors to achieve success”

Hustle culture & work-life balance

Is passion defined by the amount of hrs invested at work? πŸ€”Do you need to invest 24/7 of your time in something to be able to succeed?Does work/life balance exist? Join the best devs at: https://www.mycore.dev/my-developer-core https://www.mycore.dev/ Indiehackers mentioned podcast episode:Β  https://www.indiehackers.com/podcast/167-dhh-and-natalie-nagele-on-work-life-balance How to connect with me through The yogi coder: IG: https://www.instagram.com/theyogicoder/Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCagmygt3g7nh94ZqfHNxsAFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/theyogicoder

Books I read 2018 + books I want to read in 2019

Before diving in, I would like you to know that it is not about how many books you read in a year, it is more about how much can you learn from books (and everything else) that year.Knowledge doesn’t come from only reading, you need to read, digest and analyze the information you are absorbing,Continue reading “Books I read 2018 + books I want to read in 2019”

How to achieve ALL your resolutions

There is a big chance that this time of the year, like every year you are thinking about 2019 in a hopeful exciting way. A new year means a new start and in our minds it means a new opportunity to do and become all the things we have been wanting to do and becomeContinue reading “How to achieve ALL your resolutions”

Why I left Instagram…

Its been a good run, and I have enjoyed every step of the way of creating a brand on Instagram around 2 things I wanted to practice and share my learning path about: Yoga & Coding. It organically grew mostly on 1 specific social media platform: Instagram, and though at the beginning I enjoyed sharingContinue reading “Why I left Instagram…”

4 points on Entrepreneur Life vs Employee life

It is not all about freedom, being your “own boss”, nice home office, smiles, and happiness. It is also about fear, stress, & anxiety. After sharing about my decision to work on my own business and the responses I got from most of you (80%+) who also would like to build their own business, IContinue reading “4 points on Entrepreneur Life vs Employee life”

Why is it better to build 8 profitable companies rather than 1 unicorn

By guest Moises Hamui: Nowdays the dream of building a huge profitable company that might potentially make you a millionaire is really difficult; you have to find a problem for a big enough market, come up with an amazing idea to solve that problem, prove that people will beΒ willing to pay for it, get funding,Continue reading “Why is it better to build 8 profitable companies rather than 1 unicorn”


INTIMATE BUSINESS with the yogi coder We are getting Intimate about Business and profesional growth! Join me on this podcast to learn about the real “behind the scenes” of building a successful profesional career or your own successful business. It may not be easy but it is REAL. Find it on itunes –> The YogiContinue reading “PODCAST!!”


Honestly, it was out of helping a friend who wanted to start her own beauty and fashion blog, I wanted to show her how it could be done by starting an IG account and sharing your REAL self with the world. (since I work at FB I thought I could have a good perspective onContinue reading “WHY I STARTED TYC”