Why I left Instagram…

Its been a good run, and I have enjoyed every step of the way of creating a brand on Instagram around 2 things I wanted to practice and share my learning path about: Yoga & Coding. It organically grew mostly on 1 specific social media platform: Instagram, and though at the beginning I enjoyed sharingContinue reading “Why I left Instagram…”

What sickness taught me this time

Its not all about fun, smiles, inspiration and excitement! It’s about real life as a real human, where people get sick, tired, sad, broken, and are not productive or inspiring at all, but the complete opposite. Still, I find it important to share, we all have days when we feel like crap, physically or emotionally.Continue reading “What sickness taught me this time”


INTIMATE BUSINESS with the yogi coder We are getting Intimate about Business and profesional growth! Join me on this podcast to learn about the real “behind the scenes” of building a successful profesional career or your own successful business. It may not be easy but it is REAL. Find it on itunes –> The YogiContinue reading “PODCAST!!”

One challenge at a time

Do you remember when you were at school and the first day of classes the teacher would share ALL the projects, deliveries and exams for the semester or year? even with the detail of how much weight each thing would have on your grade. Do you remember the amount of pressure you felt at thatContinue reading “One challenge at a time”

On Meditation…

When I started practicing yoga I started to learn everything about BREATHING, it was amazing to realize how little I knew about breathing; how we can control our heart rate, our anxiety level, our blood pressure, our glands hormone production, adrenaline production and much more! I was shocked to see how I didn’t know howContinue reading “On Meditation…”

How I started practicing yoga

First I would have to start by explaining to you that I have always been perceived as a “hyperactive” person. In school, work and at home that was always the adjective for me: “Hyper”, “fast”, “intense”, and honestly not in a good way. I have always been extremely active and fast in my thoughts andContinue reading “How I started practicing yoga”