Coders Circle

Welcome to our Coding circle or like some of you like to call it:  Coding Mafia 😀

We are looking for the most amazing talented coders, programmers and developers around the world.

We will :
1. Connect, share knowledge, learnings and challenges through email and a chat group.  
2. Publish some fun projects to be voted and each of you will be able to choose one if you are interested in building it and having a team launching it and managing its marketing and business model while you own an equal % of the product. If it ever makes money, you will make that % of the money ! 
3. Find interesting job offers, because we are no longer just looking for “good payed jobs”..
The best developers are looking for a good challenge + freedom + great paycheck + excitement = Good job.
So we will work to find only the best companies to post and send you the offers that are just right for you. 

I can’t wait to connect with all of you!!!!

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