Dev talent

We are looking for the most amazing talented coders, programmers and developers around the world to connect, share and explore opportunities to build great things together.

We will :
1. Connect, share knowledge, learnings and challenges through email and a chat group.  
2. Publish some fun projects to be voted and each of you will be able to choose one if you are interested in building it and having a team launching it and managing its marketing and business model while you own an equal % of the product. If it ever makes money, you will make that % of the money ! Or maybe it is YOUR own idea and you own it but we connect you with some marketers to help you scale it up!
3. Find interesting job offers, because we are no longer just looking for “good payed jobs”..
The best developers are looking for a good challenge + freedom + great paycheck + excitement = Good job.
So we will work to find only the best companies to post and send you the offers that are just right for you. 

I can’t wait to connect with all of you!!!!

4 thoughts on “Dev talent

  1. Hello,

    My name is Hannah Kushner. I am a sophomore at Boston University, majoring in Computer Science. The reason for my e-mail is because your website was one of the few I came across that discusses blending yoga and coding.

    I realize my lack of expertise, being a sophomore in college, may lead one to wonder why I am emailing you. However, I could not stress more how perfectly aligned your company’s values and missions are with mine.

    I recently declared my major in Computer Science and immediately felt overwhelmed as to what being a woman in tech meant, an avid yogi woman in tech. The two seem almost polar opposite. However, after stumbling upon your site, I was wondering what advice you have for someone who does not want to stray away from my yogic way of life as I enter into the tech world. From your experience, do you know any companies that merge tech and the 8 limbs of yoga in one way or another?

    Hannah Kushner


    1. First of all it is awesome you are so aware of what you want and what you need. Blending health and balance with work at such a young age is not so easy to find. That being said I believe since software engineering is a role that every company struggles to hire, they all want to keep them happy and for the long run so most companies I know have blended “health and balance” into the work spaces so their employees are happy and healthy so they can perform better. So dont worry about that , most companies (modern companies) listen to their employees specially to their engineers πŸ˜‰ so you could recommend for yoga clases to be implemented or any other practice you feel would be needed into your workday. πŸ˜€ best of luck !!


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