What does Success mean?

It might sound like an easy and simple question with a clear answer, but it is actually not so simple. Every time I ask this question, I get so many different answers, sometimes even from the same person. The reality is that the meaning of success for each of us is always changing, as weContinue reading “What does Success mean?”

What sickness taught me this time

Its not all about fun, smiles, inspiration and excitement! It’s about real life as a real human, where people get sick, tired, sad, broken, and are not productive or inspiring at all, but the complete opposite. Still, I find it important to share, we all have days when we feel like crap, physically or emotionally.Continue reading “What sickness taught me this time”

Why is it better to build 8 profitable companies rather than 1 unicorn

By guest Moises Hamui: Nowdays the dream of building a huge profitable company that might potentially make you a millionaire is really difficult; you have to find a problem for a big enough market, come up with an amazing idea to solve that problem, prove that people will beΒ willing to pay for it, get funding,Continue reading “Why is it better to build 8 profitable companies rather than 1 unicorn”

5 steps to Financial freedom

Coming soon! The complete financial freedom online workshop!Where I hand in hand will help guide you to create a growth snowball for your financial stability! I will notify you as soon as the online workshop is live!  In the mean time you can read the blog post: Financial freedom is not about how much moneyContinue reading “5 steps to Financial freedom”


INTIMATE BUSINESS with the yogi coder We are getting Intimate about Business and profesional growth! Join me on this podcast to learn about the real “behind the scenes” of building a successful profesional career or your own successful business. It may not be easy but it is REAL. Find it on itunes –> The YogiContinue reading “PODCAST!!”

How to read 52 books per year

It all started when I read a medium blog post that said: “if you spent reading the same time you spend on internet you would be able to read 400 books a year”. Wait what? that is more than one book per day!! how on earth am I spending so many hours on internet! …Continue reading “How to read 52 books per year”

One challenge at a time

Do you remember when you were at school and the first day of classes the teacher would share ALL the projects, deliveries and exams for the semester or year? even with the detail of how much weight each thing would have on your grade. Do you remember the amount of pressure you felt at thatContinue reading “One challenge at a time”


This is not a post with any answers, but more an introspection I would like to share with all of you in case it helps myself and anyone else out-here.. First I would like to ask myself: Is it really “burn out” feeling or boredom? There is a big difference and It seems like itContinue reading “BURN OUT OR BOREDOM?”


Here I am again, thinking and getting extremely excited about ANOTHER idea. This time, is starting a weekly podcast where I can share more about the challenges of women in the workplace, in tech and in general fun facts and jokes about being a woman πŸ˜€ I believe it would be super fun and maybeContinue reading “PROCRASTINATING YOUR “SIDE” PROJECTS”


I have shared why I became vegan, but now I will share what does flexitarian mean and how (I currently believe) it has more scalability in population adoption than veganism! We have defined how much livestock/meat production pollutes the world more than any other human activity, how the way we currently produce animal products isContinue reading “WHAT DOES FLEXITARIAN MEAN?”


Veganism had been a huge taboo subject for me until a couple months ago… This is what happened: My boyfriend and I were scrolling down documentaries in Netflix, when we came across “Cowspiracy”, I stopped at that documentary because I had heard a lot of good reviews so we watched… And it was completely shocking,Continue reading “WHY I BECAME VEGAN – FLEXITARIAN – Plant Based”

10 free platforms for Learning to code

Are you not ready to commit a monthly fee to pay online coding courses like: treehouse, Lynda, code school, learnable, infinite skills, etc? These online courses cost from 24 to 29 usd a month. They have learning paths or “tracks” that are easy to follow and tests along the way to check your learning development,Continue reading “10 free platforms for Learning to code”


Honestly, it was out of helping a friend who wanted to start her own beauty and fashion blog, I wanted to show her how it could be done by starting an IG account and sharing your REAL self with the world. (since I work at FB I thought I could have a good perspective onContinue reading “WHY I STARTED TYC”