What are your non-negotiables?

Simply put: What are the things that allow you to do your best work?
Those things that make you the happiest at work, the most productive, creative, focused, and high performance. Those are the things that should be your non-negotiables when thinking about a job.

It is hard to have them crystal clear, since they might change throughout your life and career, but it is important to work on having them updated and “on top of your mind” so you don’t end up β€œsuffering” your job.

For example here are some non-negotiables people shared with me:

  • Max has 3 non-negotiables: 100% remote working, >= $80k yearly salary & stock options in the company he will work for.
  • Juliette has 4 non-negotiables: a great office space to work from, availability to work during night instead of day time (night owl), at least 1 o2 or meeting-less week days (to focus), >$125k yearly salary .
  • John has 3 non-negotiables: >$50k salary , flexible schedule and work days as long as he hits his performance targets, asynchronous communication (no expected immediate chat responses).

What are your non-negotiables? have you thought about them? How do you communicate them to recruiters and potential companies that want to hire you?

And last but not least, companies also should have their non-negotiables clear and upfront, so applicants and recruiters avoid wasting time and resources.

What has been your experience? I would love to hear what you think.


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