Why I left Instagram…

Its been a good run, and I have enjoyed every step of the way of creating a brand on Instagram around 2 things I wanted to practice and share my learning path about: Yoga & Coding.

It organically grew mostly on 1 specific social media platform: Instagram, and though at the beginning I enjoyed sharing and seeing it grow, the satisfaction of posting and sharing on that platform faded away after a couple years. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love lots of things about our Instagram 30k+ community;
It opened a new space to share and encourage people around the world to learn to code.
It allowed me to have a voice in different subjects I care about.
It gave me several opportunities to speak in conferences and events.
It also taught me a lot about marketing on social media platforms, naked brands and how partnerships and collaborations with great brands could create an extra income, and so many other things…
But most importantly it allowed me to connect and stay in touch daily with all of you!

Every email, comment and message I received from all of you saying that you started to code, or that you got encouraged to start your own business or that you got into a healthier lifestyle because of following this platform, made me so happy, proud and encouraged to keep going. 
So now that I am considering staying away from IG, the only thing I would love to dream of keeping is our community.
But I would love to find a better way to stay connected on a channel where everything goes around all of us in our community and not around a photo or image of myself. Which believe it or not, makes me feel very uncomfortable, but as everybody knows thanks to the algorithm and human behavior; the posts without the author in the photo get less than 50% of the reach and views. 

So here we are.. Maybe we should build a new platform to connect..? any ideas on how could we make it so that everybody can inspire and the amount of “followers and likes” don’t matter and maybe is not even visible? 

Well.. in the meantime I will take some time away from IG stories. But will keep writing here, recording the weekly podcast episode and figuring out a way to create a better quality kind of  connection among all of us.

Thank you for reading and all ideas and recommendations are welcome! Lets figure this out together!



P.s. I am still working on the Financial freedom ebook (get on the pre-sale list here), practicing yoga, taking my python course and working on my Consulting company (Digital Mkt and business growth).Β Β πŸ˜€ so I am still around πŸ˜‰


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